stefanprocykDr. Stefan Procyk

Surgeon orthopedist
at the clinic of the Ter
Specializing in minimally invasive (MIS)






After a thesis on under the congenital dislocation hip prostheses, followed by training with the mainstream teacher to the orthopaedic school Switzerland, he was exposed to different approaches and orthopaedic techniques in force, notably in Spain, France, Switzerland and USA.

Since 1990, through its work on Herniated discs (reduction of muscular aggression aimed at avoiding possible sequelae secondary type low back pain), Dr. Stefan Procyk focuses on the “mini-abords”. His expertise led him to research new procedures implantation of prosthesis of hip and knee, less invasive and preservative for patients.

Today, the conceptualization of the redefined transcollation surgery; This process of tissue engineering completes even more minimally invasive solutions which meet the converging concerns of patients quality of life found by an optimal recovery and that of health organizations to reduce the duration of hospital stay, our goal output from patients at home safely within three days of being reached.

Dr. Stefan Procyk is a member of several companies learned that:

the French society of orthopaedic surgery (SOFCOT)
the American Society of orthopaedic surgery (AAOS)
the international society of orthopaedic and traumatologic surgery (Santos)
and Exsociete European (EFAS) foot surgery.
His work led him to numerous publications in hip, foot and spine surgery. His innovative approach to the conceptualization of the surgery allowed him to incorporate the National Academy of surgery.