Chronic hip pain can affect sexual intercourse.

Studies were conducted in different countries, the United States, Switzerland and France including. The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Toulouse Rangueil hospital in post-operative studied on 135 patients, 58 women and 77 men with an average age of 51 years (between 22 and 65 years).

The first difficulties during sexual relations appear to 45 years, pain in legs, stiffness are causes of cela. 19% of patients see their difficulties sexual strain to severe pain see extreme hip and 7% say that cela cause tensions and a deep malaise in their couple.


For patients, a hip replacement involves likely difficulties sexually after the operation, but it is quite different, instead after the operation 81% of patients see improvement in their sexual intercourse especially women when they use the good positions. Today only 17% of patients benefit from advice on the part of surgeons, sex is a subject rarely addressed with the surgeons, surgeons who inform their patient passing usually 5 minutes to talk with their patients. It is important that patients are informed of the time of recovery and the risks of certain positions.


Department Rochester orthopedic surgeons recommend wait 1 to 3 months after a hip replacement before having sexual intercourse.

Researchers at Geneva is research on the most optimized sexual positions after a total hip replacement, 12 positions were examined by MRI and scanner.

good positions



It seems that there have greater risk for women. Positions to avoid are those where the hips are flexing or when the leg suffered a hip external rotation. For men it is especially the rotation of the hip that can cause problems.

The positions not to do to avoid hip flexion not more than 90 degrees:

-Squatting or doggy style
-Partners on the side, face to face with each leg flexed (to avoid by men also)
-Women on the back with penetration of the partner who is on the side
-Woman sitting and leaning on his partner


Video: Lab tests help create sex positions guide for people with HIP REPLACEMENTS

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Sexual function before and after primary total hip arthroplasty. CHU Rangueil, Toulouse

Sexual Activity after Total Hip Arthroplasty: University Hospitals of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

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