Minimally Invasive Posterior Approach: Technical Evaluation, Initial Results and Follow-Up at Two Years


Posterior approach of the hip is commonly used in English-speaking countries. Although it provides an excellent exposure of the joint and functional results, this technique is often criticised for its high related rate of prosthetic dislocation especially when using smaller 22.2 femoral head. The technical optimisation designated by “minimally invasive access” preserves its advantages without compromising the clinical and radiological results. The prospective clinical series presented in this chapter gives evidence to the benefits of posterior minimally invasive access, with a significant improvement of the outcomes in terms of pain and functional recovery and a reliable and reproducible prosthetic implantation. Continuous visual control of each gesture reduces the rate of perioperative complications, incompatible with routine use, and minimal tissular aggression allows to obtain the results expected from a minimally invasive technique at short and long term.

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